About Us

Sujal Foods, the biggest confectionery manufacturing and marketing company in Nepal, is the flagship subsidiary company of Laxmi Group. Having its fold over 5 leading brands in different product categories, the company holds more than 50% market share from its entire portfolio. Sujal Foods has a humble mission to make premium confectioneries. It centers itself in Cocoa-based confectioneries, Wafers, Gums, Toffees, Lollipops and Candies.

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Tastes Like


Indulge yourself in the rich chocolaty and crispy world of Chocofun in every bite. The best chocolaty experience in its three layers of wafer enrobed in delicious chocolate. Serving the chocolate craving of kids since 1999. And has established itself as the leading confectionery brand in the market.

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Chocofun Rolls Box

Chocofun Rolls Box is a wafer rolls baked to delicate crisp with delicious creamy Chocolate filling. You can indulge yourself or share with your dear ones to make a cheerful moment. Available in strawberry, coconut, vanilla and chocolate flavor, one is sure to be lost in all the tasty flavors of wafer rolls.

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Refresh your breath with Fresho Menthalyptus Candy. Packed with smooth texture, uniform shape, refreshing and long lasting mint taste, that will refresh your breath and boost of your confidence.

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Sujal Eclairs

Sujal Eclairs takes you on a delicious journey through a soft & rich caramel on outer shell to real brown chocolate center filling inside that is smooth & melts in your mouth. These two classic ingredients of caramel & chocolate combine together to create a truly unique experience of having a well confected toffee with silky, rich & tempting chocolate all together.

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Smart Lollypop

Have fun with the rich, fun full and refreshing taste of lollypop in a smart way with Smart Lollypop. Available in Litchi, Watermelon and Cola flavor, that gives you the unique experience of enjoying lolly-ing fun

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Bubbly Bubble Gum

Fly away in a fun filled big bubble of Bubbly Bubble Gum. Available in exciting fruit flavor with long lasting taste. Packed in a pillow pack which is offered in a round shape.

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Smack your tongue with the salty and spicy taste of Rasilo Candy. Created with the mixture of herbs and traditional spices to salivate your mouth and improve your digestion.

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Export Coverage

The growing popularity and admiration of our confects throughout the country, has transcended our market domain to an international level by exporting to our neighbouring countries India and China since 2006. We are extremely pleased that people are enjoying and admiring our products for more than a decade and we are able to win the hearts of worldwide customers.

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