May 8th, 2023

Welcome to Sujal Foods, home to all your delicious delight and all the mouth-watering desires. Sujal Foods was first started under the banner Laxmi Mithai Bhandar in 1973. During this time, the company produced popular brands of candies such as Lamxi Sweets, Banaras Sweets and Tamatar Ball. This brand would go on to produce popular confectioneries such as Lacto fun, Mango Tart and YoYo sweets, some of which are still popular to this day. Sometime later, Laxmi Mithai Bhandari rebranded itself as Sujal Foods in 1996 with the merger of Laxmi Confectionery, Jaima Laxmi Confectionery and Laxmi Mithai Bhandar. Since then they have been satisfying our sweet tooth for over twenty-five years. It is a leading confectionery brand in Nepal for a reason, and one of the reasons for this is its high-quality confectioneries that have captured the hearts of many generations. This company was home to the legendary Orange Ball candy, and it is home to the biggest wafer fun in Nepal, Chocofun. But the confectionaries from this company, are not just limited to Chocofun.

So, what are the confectioneries that you can find at Sujal Foods Nepal?

Come and let’s go on a journey filled with sweetness and deliciousness as we explore the different confectioneries at Sujal Foods Nepal!

Enjoy the Crispy Wafery Crunch of Chocofun!

Our first stop is near the wafery fun-filled town of Chocofun.

This land of crispy wafery fun is filled with some of the most well-known chocolate-enrobed crispy confectionaries. We have the well-known and classic Chocofun Wafer. We all know what Chocofun is all about – the crunch and the fun we can have with this beautiful chocolate-enrobed confectionary goodness! The next encounter we have is the bigger fun-filled Chocofun, Big Fun- it is Chocofun – but Bigger!

Our next confectionary encounter on this section of crispy wafer fun is the fun-filled crispy baked goodness rolled outside a chocolaty inside of Chocofun Rolls and the smiling crispy goodness of the Chocofun Smiley as the confectionaries of this stop.

The crispy and wafery section of Chocofun in Sujal Foods is filled with goodness and deliciousness of Chocofun of all shapes and sizes. We all need to have a bit of crunch, a bit of fun, and a bit of Chocofun in our lives.

Chocofun Wiith Full of Crispy Wafer

Sweeten your mouth with the sweet and flavourful candies.

After visiting the land of crunchiness, let’s take a sweet walk with the sweet and flavorful candies from Sujal Foods. In this sweet section of our journey, we will meet the nostalgic taste of Lactofun. This sweet and creamy caramel is one of the most well-recognizable candies that resonates with just about anyone. This candy has been the sweet favorite of children for over two decades!

After passing and greeting the Lactofun, we meet the flavor-filled and fruity Mango Tart. With its soft liquid gel center and crunchy outside, it is a sweet and fruity confectionary that satisfies our sweet tooth in more ways than one. On our journey of exploring the confectionary, our next encounter is the mint-flavoured fresh candy of Fresho to refresh our breath. Our next visit – to the salty and spicy taste of the Rasilo. This salivating candy is perfect for when you need a spicy) dash of flavor.

Another notable candy in this section of our exploration is the Candyman – a mango candy expertly crafted with two unique flavors to satisfy your cravings for raw mango flavor and ripe Mango.

Our next stop - to the sweet and delicate lands of Toffee!

Sujal Candies With Variations

Indulge in the soft delicacy of Toffee

Our next stop on this mouth-watering journey across the confectionary of Sujal Foods, our next stop is in the soft, delicious and chocolatey section of Toffee. Here we can meet the soft and rich Sujal Eclairs. The experience of Sujal Eclairs is a journey in and on itself as you need to make your way through the soft and rich caramel on the outer side before you reach the delicious chocolate center filling that just melts in your mouth. This is a perfect combination that provides us with a silky rich, and tempting journey.

Another resident in the section of Toffee is the Love Birds, the premium chocolate toffee made with rich chocolate and the perfect blend of sweetness. As its name suggests, we will instantly fall in love with the smooth and buttery texture along with the sweetness of the chocolate. It is an experience you must experience to describe!

Sujal Toffees In Nepal

Let the sweetness last the flavourful Lollypop

Passing through the sweet lands of Toffees, our next stop is the lollypop which is the home of Smart Lollypop from Sujal Foods! This tasty confectionary is filled with fun and rich, fruity flavors and is available in Litchi, Watermelon, and Cola flavor. The Smart Lollypop is an easily recognizable confectionary of Sujal Foods with its unique shape and is perfect for satisfying your need for a lasting flavourful experience.

All you need to do is grab a smart lollypop and experience some lolly-ing fun as we make our way towards the final stop of our exploration of confectionary at Sujal Foods!

Smart Lollypop By Sujal Foods

Have fun with the Flavorful and Fun Gums.

Our journey through the confectionary of Sujal Foods comes to an end with the Gum section, where we meet the fun-filled Bubbly Bubble Gum, the experienced gum and the fresh Freshdent

Introducing Bubbly Bubble Gum, a fun big bubble of bubble gum that is available in a wide range of exciting fruit flavors. You can chew it, you can blow it, and you can have lasting fun with its exciting flavorful and big bubble.

Sujalgum from Sujal Foods is the first stick gum in Nepal. You can chew this long-lasting and flavourful chewing gum for a fresh taste in your mouth and for relieving stress. It doesn’t matter if you want a long-lasting fresh flavor in your mouth or just something to chew; Sujal gum is here for you.

Now last but not least, we finally come to the cool and confident Freshdent. It is strong, it is long-lasting, and it is filled with freshness. What’s there not to love about this breath of freshness in chewing gum?

Sujal Gums With Different Flavors

The Conclusion

After exploring the confectionaries at Sujal Foods, we finally conclude our journey. As a leading manufacturer of confectionary products in Nepal, Sujal Foods is undoubtedly home to some of the best confectionaries out there. On this journey, we explored the crispy crunch of Chocofun, the sweet and mouth-watering world of Candies, the soft and creamy Toffee, the smart and lasting flavor of Smart Lollypop and the fun-filled lasting flavor of SujalGums.

But did you know that you enjoy and explore the wonderful land of confectionary internationally as well? That’s right! This land of mouth-watering sweets and crispy wafery fun is not just limited to Nepal, with sites such as Little India and Mallko, you can explore the different confectionaries from Sujal Foods, across the world!

We hope you found this exploration of the different confectionaries of Sujal Foods Fun!