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Our Coverage

The growing popularity and admiration of our confects throughout the country, has transcended our market domain to an international level by exporting to our neighbouring countries India and China since 2006.

Currently, our products are available in 11 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Hongkong, Mexico, Republic of Benin, India, Dubai and other middle east countries. To the utmost merriment, we regularly receive excellent reviews from our foreign clients and Nepalese living abroad. We constantly communicate with our clients, traders and consumers to comprehend their lovely responses and leverage the most of our nexus to make it available to the customers as the demand is incessantly growing.

Our Delivery

To streamline the international demand for our products, we incorporated a separate wing with a dedicated team who are providing swift service to our international clients. As an age-old company, we have perceived the global confectionery market, changes in the consumer behavior, demand-supply factor, logistics and other important parameters of an FCMG business. All of these aspects can be seen implemented in our products as we heavily contribute to Research and Development. Based on the nature and ethos of the business, we provide them with our confectioneries under private labelling.

We are open to providing any kind of logistics support to our clients. Pertaining to the fact that we have an exemplary number of dealers and networks when it comes to global trade, the easy accessibility of the product is ensured to our clients.

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Our Association

As far as association is concerned, we participate in various international food and hospitality events. To name some, we participate in AAHAR - The international Food and Hospitality Fair organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization. We have been participating in ISM Koln, the world's leading trade fair for confectionery and snacks that offers inspiration and innovation. It has helped the company to build tremendous networking possibilities, and connect to top-class exhibitors and competent marketers.

To enrich the customers in the middle east, we regularly take part in Yummex, a leading confectionery trade exhibition.

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