Mr. Buddhi Bahadur Shrestha

There was time when most of the confectioneries used to be imported from South Asian Countries and west. Nepal did not have any promising confectionery companies. We started a small confectionery company with the vision of manufacturing and marketing of Nepalese confectionery to make country self-dependent

We had limited infrastructure and resources but our strong belief and devotion in consumer focus from product concept development to commercialization of the product.

we have prevailed most of our constraints and hurdles by offering world class product and heart touching brands that we all Nepalese can be proud of and world can taste it and love it.

Meanwhile, Sujal Foods has been able to modernize itself with latest state of art manufacturing capability, dedicated team of product development team complimented by best confectionery consultant from around the world.

Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha

It took more than 40 years to transcend itself from start up to a reputed Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd. The distance was definitely not easy. The resources were limited. Competitions were strong. Economy was not favorable. In such awful scenario, what company had was strong belief in its entrepreneurial capabilities to find new opportunities in whatever form. We have embedded shared values that appreciate new ideas, customer focus at the center of business and respect to all our stake holders. It was unique way of doing business but we still live with these virtues.

Today Sujal Foods has become leading manufacturing and marketing company in Nepal with dominant market share and its foot prints are increasing around the globe satisfying our global confectionery cravers.

We are very happy for Sujal Foods and proud of our roles to contribute for the development of Sujal Foods over the years.

Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha- Co- Founder of Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd.