Chocofun BigFun in an Exciting New Pack
January 28th, 2023(Kathmandu)

Chocofun BigFun in an Exciting New Pack

Nepal’s leading confectionery company Sujal Foods Private Limited, proudly unveils the new packaging of the beloved product ‘Chocofun Bigfun’. Chocofun Bigfun consists of four big layers of crispy, crunchy wafer enrobed with chocolate and on top garnish with delicious vanilla stripes which result in Bigger Fun and Bigger Happiness.

The new Chocofun Bigfun comes in a vibrant red color with a premium golden color that looks very rich and premium. Addressing the current consumer’s aspiration and preference, the new packaging has a glossy red finish and shiny golden color, that further enhances the overall looks of the packaging. Chocofun Bigfun brand name has become more prominent and eye catchy. The chocolate enrobed wafer with its tantalizing vanilla garnishing visuals represents the richness of the product and its deliciousness. The new pack has an offering of 15 gm at an unbeatable rate of Rs. 10 only. Chocofun BigFun is available in jars as well as packets.

The new Chocofun Bigfun package is being launched with a nationwide promotion campaign with the slogan ‘Happy new pack to you’. The campaign is being carried out across the country through offline channels as well as digital platforms, including social media. The campaign aims to transcend fun to the next level known as ‘BigFun’.

The Chocofun Bigfun are manufactured using the world’s latest state of art technology, in extreme hygienic condition delivering standard product while consuming every time. It uses the international standard rich chocolate to manufacture Chocofun Bigfun for quality and the consistency in the taste. The Chocofun Bigfun wraps in air-tight and moisture-proof metallic wrapper to keeps the product safe. Detailed nutritional information on the package clarifies the nutrition in the product. Whereas the catchy tagline ‘Richy Chocolate, Crispy Fun’ truly expresses Bigfun and the overall product offering. The product is available in a 60 pcs artistic jar and 12pcs of packet.

Sujal Foods Private Limited is an ISO 22000:2018 Certified company which has been in operation since 1996. As the flagship subsidiary of Laxmi Group, it holds the distinction of being Nepal’s largest confectionery manufacturer and marketer. Company has been manufacturing international standard Wafers, Lollypops, Toffees, Candies, Bubblegum and Stick gum. Company owns the most iconic confectioner brands of Nepal: Chocofun, Crave, Rasilo, Fresho, Candyman and Freshdent etc., in its portfolio that has been favorite of millions for many years.

Sujal Foods is very confident that the new pack of Chocofun Bigfun will win its consumers heart and become their favorite and fun full brand. Sujal Foods also believes that it will be the one of the integral parts of lives of the children as well as young adults.