Chocofun BigFun
March 15th, 2015(Kathmandu)

Chocofun BigFun

Sujal Foods has launched an innovative new product called Chocofun BigFun at an affordable price of Rs.10. Chocofun has been in the market since last 15 years with outstanding product offering adding enjoyment amongst all ages in all parts of the country. True to its name, Chocofun BigFun comprises of Big crunchy wafer, Rich chocolate cream and delicious Vanilla cream stripes that is not only Big in size but also Big in taste, Big in looks and great in satisfaction at just Rs.10.

The Chocofun BigFun is being launched with extravagant nationwide marketing campaign with the slogan Big Fun in tangent with the product proposition. Beautiful Television commercial and Print ad are made where fun has been transcended to the next level connecting to enjoying Chocofun with complete satisfaction at new level that we call Big Fun.

Chocofun is the registered trademark and flagship brand of Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd. It is the market leader in its segment since its inception and confectionery icon of the country. The brand is unanimously popular amongst tweens and equally liked by other age groups.

Chocofun BigFun comes in ever popular Chocofun branded design in red color but this time it has been further darkened with flair of gold that looks very rich and premium. The novelty in the red has further blossomed with mat effect in the packaging. It is packed in air tight and moisture proof metallic wrapper with artistic presentation while keeping the product safe. The golden arch in the packaging looks royal and signifies the richness of the product inside. This time detail nutritional information has also been presented to clarify the nutrition in the product. Overall product offering has been stated with catchy theme of “Richy chocolate, crispy fun” that truly expresses the Big Fun. Chocofun BigFun, with all these novelties, is priced at only Rs.10, making it a great value for money.

The product is available in 60 pc artistic jar for retail, 12 pcs Retail or Gift Pack and 24 pcs mono carton for retail and modern trade outlets with the presentation of international standard. It is available in all retail outlets across the country at the MRP of Rs.10 per unit.

Sujal Foods is very confident that with this masterpiece: Chocofun BigFun will be loved by its consumer.

Let’s enjoy the new fun- Chocofun BigFun.