Sujal Food Introduce “Chocofun Joy” for your Enjoyment
April 14th, 2024(Kathmandu)

Sujal Food Introduce “Chocofun Joy” for your Enjoyment

Nation’s leading confectionary company Sujal Foods Private Limited proudly unveils its latest art of work Chocofun Joy. Designed to captivate the taste buds and transport chocolate lovers to realms of unparalleled delight, Chocofun Joy is set to redefine the standard for moulded chocolate. Chocofun Joy is Nepal’s first square moulded chocolate with an adequate size at minimal consumer price, breaking the dependency on imported chocolates and empowering consumers to indulge in world-class confectionery without compromise. With convenient packaging and affordable pricing, Chocofun Joy invites chocolate lovers across Nepal to experience the joy of indulgence.
The new Chocofun joy is pure delight of Joy crafted with rich and tasty chocolate that melts in mouth that will make simply crave for more and more. It is delicious and indulging as there is unique blend of cocoa and sweetness. It has a unique product shape of rectangular which is novel and attractive. The deboss of ‘J’ on the product makes it even more elegant and premium.
Its packaging is also very attractive. Pink and Purple color makes it more premium and the shining gold font in the JOY typography makes it elegant. Chocofun Joy comes in attractive Jar with mass product visibility on counter display. While its Jar clearly shows the attributes of the product, its design gives the picture of what’s inside the jar. It also comes in vibrant cartoon box that makes the product look elegant and premium. Its jar consists of 70 pieces of rich tasty chocolate – Chocofun Joy. Product is offer at Rs 10 only with mouthful size of 8gm.
Chocofun Joy is manufactured using the world’s latest state of art technology, in extreme hygienic condition with passion and precision, delivering standard product while consuming every time. It is made up using world class ingredients of cocoa and butter, offering a unique and rich taste of chocolate.
Sujal Foods Private Limited is an ISO 22000:2018 Certified company which has been in operation since 1973. As the flagship subsidiary of Laxmi Group, it holds the distinction of being Nepal’s largest confectionery manufacturer and marketer. Company has been manufacturing international standard Wafers, Lollypops, Toffees, Candies, Bubblegum, Stick gum, Chocolate and Jelly. Company owns the most iconic confectioner brands of Nepal: Chocofun, Chocofun BigFun, Crave, Rasilo, Fresho, Candyman, Lovebirds etc, in its portfolio that has been favorite of millions for many years.
Sujal Foods is very confident Chocofun Joy’s luscious texture and unparalleled quality and rich tasty chocolate taste will win its consumers heart and become their favorite brand for indulgence and enjoyment. Sujal Foods also believes that it will be the one of the essential parts of lives of the children as well as young adults.