Sujal Eclairs

Sujal Eclairs takes you on a delicious journey through a soft & rich caramel on outer shell to real brown chocolate center filling inside that is smooth & melts in your mouth. The combination of caramel & chocolate creates a truly unique experience of having a well confected toffee with silky, rich & tempting chocolate all together.


Jar 180 pcs x 8 Jar
Packet 80 pcs x 20 Packet


Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Condensed Milk, Skimmed Milk Powder, Palm Oil, Butter, Cream, Chocolate Flavour, Sorbitol, Salt, Lecithin, Flavour.

Nutritional Values:

Nutrition Values Amount per 100g
Energy (kcal) 426
Protein (g) 2.5
Carbohydrate (g) 85
Fat (g) 8.5
Approximate Value